Conrad Maduro's Last Stand In Politics; Looks To Bring United Party From Extinction
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Published: June 05, 2014 7:13 am AST
Mr. Conrad Maduro
Photo Credit: Pauls Photostudio
Former legislator and founding member of the United Party, Mr. Conrad Maduro is making a last ditch effort to return the party to political prominence as he prepares to exit politics, possibly after the next General Elections.

Maduro has been reaching out to residents, especially youth, as he tries to revive the party.

He was asked by BVI Platinum News about voters taking the United Party seriously and whether the party can field a full slate for the next elections.

"Right now we don't have a full slate of candidates and for me to say who they are now wouldn't be correct. There are interested persons....We just started introducing ourselves to the people, especially young people because to them the United Party is an unknown something and we are trying especially to reach out to young people about what the party stands for and what it means," Maduro stated.

He said the response has been good because most of the people who have expressed an interest in the party are young people.

The party has seen in its ranks the likes of the late H. Lavity Stoutt, the Territory's first Chief Minister and the current Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Ralph T. O'Neal. Maduro was asked why the party has declined over the years and has failed to attract serious contenders, having formed in 1967 and went on to win three General Elections.

"It is a power struggle where in our party they will have to be subject to party discipline and the party's constitution. You really can't get democracy because these people are coming together for their own purposes. It is a political struggle for personal things; this will not be tolerated in our party," Maduro said.

He said the party is capable of surviving because apart from the people who are actually members and are willing to run for office, there are other people who are encouraging the party to come out and contest the election.

"If I am selected to run I will. I will run if I am selected form the party to do so. The time has come for me to step away from politics and this will be my last elections," Maduro stated.

A Government That Looks To Impress

Maduro also shared his views about the current National Democratic Party (NDP) administration, accusing the Government of not pursuing projects in the best interest of the people.

"I believe that the current Government is running the country not in the best interest of the people and not based on the affordability of the economy itself. They are doing things to impress, for example you have the hospital which is an oversized project where they can't find enough resources to complete the hospital and then they are going to build a new airport. These are all projects meant to impress and not benefit the people," Maduro stated.

"I don't think the Government is for the people. They are doing it the old time way where they are going off of their platform," he added.
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Time Will Tell | Report Abuse
The tide has turned! Whether people want to believe it or not the VIP cannot do any better than the current Government. This Party's only hope is a slate of professional people who know what is going on today. He might be honest but we are not in the 80s anymore.
June 05 at 8:13pm | Like    Dislike
maybe he can run as an independent. Whether he gets elected or not, sometimes these older statesmen can remind the younger of principles and character and hold them more civil in debates and stump speeches.
June 05 at 2:26pm | Like7 People like this.   Dislike
Please do not forget that the hospital is a VIP project and NDP inherited the airport expansion from the VIP, as well. Who's trying to impress who?
June 05 at 12:44pm | Like3 People like this.   Dislike3 People dislike this.
Virgin Gordian. | Report Abuse
Mr. Maduro was one of the best Labour Ministers this territory has ever had. Some people probably don't know this. The Virgin Islands need more people like Mr. Maduro as leaders. God bless you Mr. Maduro.
June 05 at 11:41am | Like14 People like this.   Dislike
Best Labour Commissioner ever. I love this man and would follow him anywhere.
June 05 at 1:18pm | Like    Dislike1 Person dislike this.
Sorry, I know I was wrong, best Labour Minister ever was what I meant to say.
June 06 at 11:08am | Like    Dislike
Raindrops | Report Abuse
Yes, if he comes with a good team he stand a chance anything else but VIP and NDP
June 05 at 10:04am | Like7 People like this.   Dislike4 People dislike this.
Resident | Report Abuse
The problem this party has is no accomplishment by it only leader, thats a big problem in todays world. There is nothing they can impress young people with
that they may want to give a second look.

I wish him luck, but honestly speaking, they have died a natural death after expering
a long... more
June 05 at 9:32am | Like5 People like this.   Dislike5 People dislike this.
Anything against ndp will do.
June 05 at 9:26am | Like12 People like this.   Dislike5 People dislike this.
youths of today | Report Abuse
The NDP fooled us off last time so we will be voting else where to get a better education, our race track, our night life and the legalization of medical marijuana.
June 05 at 9:21am | Like8 People like this.   Dislike15 People dislike this.
do you need medical marijuana? sorry to hear it.
June 05 at 2:25pm | Like6 People like this.   Dislike1 Person dislike this.
Not2Sure | Report Abuse
I wish him luck. He is an honest man in politics, and we need more of those.
June 05 at 8:35am | Like16 People like this.   Dislike1 Person dislike this.
anything better than the NDP who must go and will
June 05 at 7:39am | Like14 People like this.   Dislike16 People dislike this.
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