Nagico Scotiabank Mother's Day Car Sale A Big Hit
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Published: May 03, 2015 1:44 pm AST
Vehicle shopping at the car sale event hosted by Nagico Insurances and Scotiabank.
Photo Credit: Gordon French/BVI Platinum News
Kazim Prescott, the sales manager at International Motors has participated in many car sales in the Territory, but concluded that the Mother's Day Car Sale event hosted by Nagico Insurances and Scotiabank was better than previous sales.

Several residents stopped by the Courtesy Car rental parking lot to browse the wider variety of vehicles offered by some of the top garages in the Territory, including International Motors, Burke's Garage, VI Motors and Alphonso Enterprises Limited.

More than a dozen received financing approval from the bank, insurance discounts from Nagico Insurances and other benefits which were offered at the sale.

"International Motors Fish Bay has gotten a great response today that was better than previous car sales, especially on the 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander ASX. I guess with the Outlander, it is within the sweet spot," said Prescott.

He related that many of the purchasers looked for all the new amenities like blue tooth, back up cameras, touch screen radio, and the Outlander has all of that. According to Prescott, the collaboration between Scotiabank and Nagico Insurances was good.

Special offers included 6.95% interest rate; up to 100% financing for 72 months; no application fees; $500 flat rate annual insurance premium and a chance to win free insurance coverage for a year. Both companies have agreed to extend the offers until the end of June.

Managing Director of Nagico Insurances, Mr. Shan Mohamed said that the company is offering customers the 1999 premium rate. He also expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration with Scotiabank.

Nagico Insurances staff helping a client at car sale event.
Photo Credit: Gordon French/BVI Platinum News
"I think it is a fantastic response from the public from 9 a.m. We are quite pleased that we got lots of inquiries and early indications from the dealers suggest that when they compare this with previous car shows recently, that they have had more activity here so we are extremely pleased to be partnering with Scotiabank," said Mr. Mohamed.

Ryan Best Branch Manager of Scotiabank BVI said that there was a steady stream of persons and they have had persons sitting, waiting to be seen.

"It shows corporate togetherness because they are a number of corporate citizens here, Nagico, Scotiabank, all of the dealers and then in terms of the community it is a lower interest rate so it increases the cash flow for the regular person who can now afford a car and not spend so much money on a monthly payment," Best related.
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