NAGICO, HIV/AIDS Foundation Forge Innovative Partnership
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Published: July 15, 2015 12:43 pm AST
President of the BVI HIV/AIDS Foundation, Mr. Cid Nava, right, presents the tickets to Selvyn Dawson of NAGICO Insurances.
Photo Credit: Gordon French/BVI Platinum News
NAGICO Insurances, one of the leading insurance providers in the Virgin Islands, has joined forces with the BVI HIV/AIDS Foundation to promote awareness through the foundation's Mercedes Benz raffle.

A cheque for $2,000, representing the purchase of 10 tickets to enter the raffle, was handed over to the President of the foundation, Mr. Cid Nava during a ceremony at the company's Waterfront Drive office in Road Town.

"We are here today to support the HIV/AIDS Foundation," Mr. Shan Mohamed declared.

He recalled speaking with Mr. Nava through Rotary and discussing the initiative to raffle a vehicle to raise much needed proceeds for the foundation.

According to Mr. Mohamed, the tickets purchased by NAGICO Insurances will be used to create awareness via the company's Facebook page through giveaways and other promotions. He stated that while the tickets cost $200, residents can win tickets for free to enter the raffle via the Facebook page.

"I think this is something we can identify with and we wanted to lend our support. We have purchased some tickets which we intend to use on our Facebook page to promote the HIV/AIDS Foundation as well as the car raffle. We encourage persons to go and like our Facebook page for an opportunity to win the tickets for free. We also wanted to create an awareness with the general public that we have a disease that needs attention and that it is something that we need to bring to the forefront and collectively, if we recognize the need, we can come together and work as a community to assist with much needed resources to assist the BVI HIV/AIDS Foundation," Mr. Mohamed said.

Mr. Cid Nava, President of the BVI HIV/AIDS Foundation, center, receives a cheque for $2,000 from NAGICO Insurances.
Photo Credit: Gordon French/BVI Platinum News
Mr. Nava said it is always nice to work with companies that are creative, innovate and really care about a cause as important as the HIV/AIDS Foundation.

"Thank you very much for coming up with a creative way to get the tickets out to the community in order to raise some more awareness. We are very much happy to receive this generous donation from you and we certainly look forward to working with you in the future," Mr. Nava stated.

He said that a number of trust companies and firms have been supportive and encouraged more to get involved.

He said they have 85 tickets left to be sold and they hope to draw the winning ticket during the Emancipation Festival.
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