Smith Denies Robbing, Assaulting Exotic Dancer

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Published: March 30, 2017 8:45 am AST
The court protocols placed at the entrance of the Magistrate's Court, John's Hole.
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Taking the stand, Garry Smith of East End, who is facing charges of theft and assault, told his side of the story, informing the court that he did not rob or assault anyone.

Smith appeared before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards yesterday, March 29, for the continuation of his trial.

According to court records, the charges brought against the accused stem from an incident between him and an exotic dancer of a local club, The Basement, on May 14, 2016.

It is alleged that after being unsatisfied with the dancer, Smith demanded his $100 back, but was refused. Smith reportedly got upset and assaulted the female. He also stole $300 from her purse, then fled the scene.

According to his recollection of what transpired that evening, Smith shared that he visited The Basement with a friend and was soon after approached by the female dancer, requesting him to join her in a private room.

Smith stated that he gave the female $120 in total, with $20 being for a drink he had ordered.

After making their way over to the private room, the accused shared that it was occupied and they had to wait about 10-15 minutes before it was free.

Now in the room, the two got intimate. However, about three minutes in, Smith said the person behind a knock at the door informed the female that time was up.

Confused, Smith questioned the female about the time, reminding her that they had just entered the room after a long wait on the outside.

As a result of her persistence to end the session, Smith informed the court that he demanded his money back.

“She had a small bag on the table. I take out my money,” he told the court.

This led to Smith being pepper sprayed by the female, which caused him to fall to the ground, with the female under him. It was at this time Smith noted that the female hit her head on the wall.

Smith told the court that he then dressed and made his way upstairs to his truck, to retrieve bottles of water to wash his face. His friend then drove him to Dueces, another club in Road Town, to collect more water for his face.

Smith told the court that he spoke to the female later that evening and denied her accusations of him stealing $300.

He told the court that only the $100 bill that he had given to her earlier was in her purse at the time of the incident.

Smith told the court that he never assaulted the female, reiterating that they both fell as a result of a struggle, and she hit her head on the wall.

“I did not do what they are saying.”

Smith will make another appearance on May 2 for Senior Magistrate Richard’s decision on the matter.
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