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Published: April 18, 2017 8:41 am AST
Going through life alone is frowned upon by this set, whose existence is directly attached to another from birth. Although an individual life is granted to each twin, together, their argument states that having that relationship is much richer and deeper than any relationship one can have with an ordinary sibling bond.

BVI Platinum News spoke to several twins around the Territory, who shared that a lonely life is something they’ve yet to face, adding that encouragement and motivation is in abundance, within their competition-free relationship.

The Gumbs twins, Diamonte and Djimon, are both athletes who specialize in the disciplines of shotput, discuss and javelin.

Speaking to BVI Platinum News, the two shared that although they sometimes go head to head with each other, a competition between the two is never entertained, but rather, they ensure that each other does their best. This attitude was noted to transcend into every aspect of their lives.

This notion was also shared by other twins, Leane and Leana Francis and Makeda and Makeba Lima.

“We do not compete, no matter the task. We encourage each other a lot. We don’t want one better than one, and we both want each other to be the best,” the Francis twins said.

Linelle Gumbs with her twin girls and boys, and their father.
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The Lima twins noted that competition comes from outside pressures, but it does not affect their relationship.

“Pressure is there when people expect us to be the same and excel at the same things, but we understand that they can’t help it; but we never put that pressure on ourselves. We don’t try to make anything a competition; we just enjoy each other’s presence. We encourage more than we compete. If we see each other lacking in some area, we try to assist and make sure we are on the same level. We complement each other.”

Although this is a quality persons would sometimes find among siblings, the Gumbs twins said that their relationship with each other surpasses any bond between two brothers of different ages.

“It won’t be the same if it was just a brother with a different age; it’s a much closer bond as a twin.”

All the twins shared similar sentiments, which note that there is an uncontrollable bond between them, which rarely exists between ordinary siblings.

According to the Francis twins, “Having that person there with you from birth and through your life, there every step of the way, that connection cannot be copied.”

Similarly, the Lima twins said if they weren’t twins, their relationship would’ve been much different.

“We have older siblings and because of the age difference, it’s really hard to speak to them sometimes, because the distance. But with us, we came the same time, going through life together...Someone who is there and understands all that you’re going through,” Makeda said.

It was on this note all the twins expressed their joy and gratefulness in sharing this world alongside their other half.

“It sometimes amazes me. I can face situations not by myself, but with my twin. We can conquer stuff that I can’t do by myself. It feels good that someone has my back. We have our ups and downs, but in the end, I’m happy he is there; we get to do a lot of stuff together,” said Diamonte.

Being a twin was also highlighted to be a blessing for the Francis twins, who further expressed that they value their interesting and unique life.

“Very interesting life, very unique to have someone who is just like you. It’s a blessing I would say, to have someone from the beginning to be with you every step of the way. We have a connection; if she’s sad, I’m sad, if she’s happy, I’m happy. I really can’t do without her.”

The Lima twins said that they complement each other very well, and although they are individual people, together they are a whole.

They all shared that they are each other’s best friend.

Of course, from the public’s viewpoint, the most annoying thing about twins are the embarrassing moments of not being able to tell the two apart. This was highlighted as the most enjoyable moments of the pairs.

Having persons mix up their names and not knowing who is who, are things all the twins noted to enjoy quite immensely.

BVI Platinum News understands that at times, all have deliberately, yet humorously, duped persons by switching places.

BVI Platinum News also questioned the twins on their opinions of the ‘twintuiton’ myth, which speaks to the belief that there is an extrasensory perception and communication shared only between twins.

The Francis twins expressed that they do believe that twintuition is real, adding that it occurs between them very often.

“We sometimes feel each other’s emotions. When one is sad, mad or happy, the other feels it.”

The other sets however said that they do not believe in such a myth, noting that coincidences occur at times, but the myth is nothing more than a story.

“Sometimes we say the same thing at the same time, but that’s how far it goes.” They added, “If one is sad because something happens, then I will get sad too, because of the situation, but that’s life,” said the Gumbs twins.

The Lima twins, who disclosed that they get the question a lot, said that they do not believe in such a myth, adding that coincidences occur from time to time, but never in-depth as the myth states.

“We are still separate people. There’s nothing mystical about twins; it’s just somebody who is there every step as you grow up and looks just like you.”

All the twins noted that although they are inseparable, they have different tastes in clothes, music and hobbies.

Although being twins seem to be very fun and worthwhile, having twins is double the work and effort, all at once.

BVI Platinum News spoke with Linelle Gumbs, mother of twin boys, Diamonte and Djimon, as well as twin girls, Trivia and Tynelle Gumbs.

Although she highlighted having twins as a joy, she noted that it is a very heavy burden to bear, as it relates to food, clothes and finances.

“It’s hard because you always have to be there for them. especially when they are not on the same level. It's also difficult not showing favoritism, but I never do,” Ms. Gumbs shared.

She added, “I encourage them to be equals and to go out and do their best in any and everything they do. Yes, they are twins, but I also tell them do not compete with each other; that is important. I tell them to compete with the next person.”

The mother noted that she enjoyed dressing up her twins in the same outfits, adding that she exhausted that fun with the first set of twins she had.

According to statistics from the BVI Health Services authority, a total of 25 sets of twins were birthed in the Territory since 2007.

The stats indicate that the most recorded deliveries of twin babies was in 2016, with one set in January, two in September and another two in December.

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