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Published: April 20, 2017 2:15 pm AST
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Staff of the Town and Country Planning Department (TCP), joined with those of the Department of Disaster Management (DDM) in a training session to expand their skills and knowledge of site assessments.

The workshop, which saw a total of 11 participants from both departments, provided training to assist persons on how to effectively analyse buildings and development plans, to ensure that developments are conducted in line with planning regulations, and giving adequate consideration to environmental conditions and potential hazard impacts.

Sharleen DaBreo, Director of the DDM, said the initiative is part if the department’s long term plan for disaster management in the Territory.

“The training is part of our drive to build the capacity of inspectors within government, which is in line with our strategic plan for disaster management. We are starting with inspectors from DDM and TCP, but the intention is to expand this training to include other inspectors within and outside of the government system.”

Chief Planner in the Town and Country Planning Department, Mr. Gregory Adams shared sentiments with Ms. Dabreo, expressing that he expects the training to positively impact the delivery of services, as both units aim to ensure the sustainable development of the BVI as a whole.

Mr. Adams added, “We have several agencies that are very closely related in the regulation of development in the Territory. We chose to start with TCP and DDM, and others will be brought on stream because ultimately, if we can have everyone more aware of what each other is doing, then we could have a much more comprehensive approach to regulating development and that can bring nothing but good things for the Territory.”

Following the completion of the workshop, the participants will compile a list a sites across the Territory for inspections.

Ms. DaBreo said, “The workshop allowed for the sharing of ideas and procedures for conducting more efficient assessments and as such, the inspectors will be collaborating to develop a ‘Master Field Inspection Checklist’, which combines the standards from TCP and DDM.”
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