Cashier Charged For Departure Tax Fraud

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Published: July 10, 2017 8:26 am AST
Jillian Fahie
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A former cashier at the BVI Airport Authority (BVIAA), is facing several charges of theft and false accounting, after her superiors zeroed in on an illegal scheme she concocted, by distributing fake departure tax receipts to persons at the T. B. Lettsome International Airport.

Jillian Fahie, 42, of Old Plantation, made an appearance before the Magistrate’s Court, where she is facing a total of six counts of false accounting and six counts of theft.

According to the particulars of the matter, in February 2015, a number of claims against the accused regarding overcharging passengers, were made by security guards and other persons.

The court heard that the acting Financial Controller at the time, also received several complaints of missing departure tax receipts.

Fahie was subsequently issued a warning letter that very month, and was informed that she would be closely monitored thereafter.

Sometime after, the defendant was caught on camera taking paper from a copying room at the airport. This prompted a probe of her daily dealings.

An investigation of the accused revealed that the paper given to passengers as receipts, was not the usual paper generated from the point-of-sale system at the airport.

The court heard that the accused photocopied receipts and distributed them to different passengers, all while collecting the money and keeping it for herself.

For each month, Fahie documented false receipts and stole $740 in January, $940 in February, $1740 in March, $1900 in April, and $3080 in May.

Officers were officially notified of her scheme in May 2015.

The court also heard that on May 13, 2015, officers visited Fahie’s station at the airport, and allegedly met her with cash in her hand. She informed officers that it belonged to the BVIAA.

When questioned if there was any more cash around, she noted that more was in the back of the office.

Officers then observed Fahie going to her personal bag, taking out cash that was wrapped in a napkin, and she attempted to hide it. The cash amounted to $240.

She then admitted that the cash belonged to the BVIAA, adding that she was trying to keep it for herself.

The court heard that on May 13, she stole $280, but had only falsified $140 worth of receipts.

Under police questioning, Fahie initially told officers, “When I was printing the receipt, I was using the wrong machine and printed too many receipts.”

She further said, “This is the first time I issued counterfeit receipts,” noting that the fake receipts were given to passengers for $20 each.

However, further in the interview, she confessed to the officers that her scheme began earlier in the year.

She was offered bail in the sum of $50,000, with signed surety, and will make another appearance on September 13.
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