Plant More--Creativity At Tropical Fruit Festival

Melissa Edwards, Senior Reporter | 1 Opinions
Published: July 14, 2017 12:49 pm AST
Residents were urged to plant more fruits, and cultivate home gardens, as the 6th annual Mango Array and Tropical Fruit Festival got underway, at the Noel Lloyd Positive Action Movement Park, today, Friday, July 14.

Mr. Ronald Smith-Berkeley, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Labour, said the event is an opportunity to mount a return of planting and farming on a whole.

"This is probably a good time to mount a comeback of some sort of this beloved tradition of mango harvesting, and indeed I think it is a good time to mount a comeback in farming in general," he said during his remarks.

"I encourage you with green thumbs and those of you with thumbs that are not so green, to utilize the green space in your home and elsewhere, planting fruit trees, but not only for planting fruit trees, but I encourage you to do your home garden."

Photo Credit: Melissa Edwards/BVI Platinum News
The Ministry has stated that the event serves to promote the cultivation, caring, maintenance and continued use of traditional fruits such as mangoes in the Virgin Islands. It also aims to unite producers, supermarkets, proprietors and the community to create a sense of identity and an overall greater appreciation for the tastes and varieties of local fruits.

Mangoes and other tropical fruits are on sale in various creative forms.

During the course of the day, the event will feature two major competitions---the mango tart and passion fruit jam contests.

Other activities planned include a mango eating competition, children games, face painting, bobbing for mangoes, along with a propagation session, which includes air layering and grafting.

Deputy Chief Agricultural Officer and event coordinator, Mrs. Arona Fahie-Forbes commented that the festival has grown in attractiveness and community participation is at its peak.

"It is truly representative of what Virgin Islanders can do when we come together to highlight our cultural practices," she related.

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