Cop Shuts Down Masa’s Claims

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Published: July 17, 2017 1:22 pm AST
Ramoamasagana Masa Pemberton
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Claims made by Ramoamasagana ‘Masa’ Pemberton, in the case where he is charged with obscene publication, were discredited by police officer Alston Butler, technician at the Royal Virgin Island’s Police Force.

The charge stems from an incident that occurred in 2015, where Masa is accused of posting a video on his Facebook page, which shows what appears to be a young lady performing a sexual act with a man, in a local cosmetic store.

Initially, Masa admitted to posting the video to his Facebook page, but claimed he took it down 5 minutes after seeing what the video actually was.

He said that the video was sent to his phone, instructing that he should post it, but it was not compatible with his device and he was unable to play it. He noted that he then posted it to his social media page.

Masa also informed officers that he facilitates promotions for persons, adding that it is customary for persons to send him videos and photos for him to post.

He allegedly told officers that he had no intention to distribute a video of that nature, which is why he took it down right after he became aware if its contents.

However, during Butler’s testimony in the Magistrate's Court last week, he walked the court through the procedure of posting a video on the social media platform.

Butler stated that if a file is corrupted or unable to play on a phone, Facebook would not be able to upload the video. He noted that Facebook uses the same video formats that are installed on smart phones.

Butler also disclosed that the video was posted on the platform for four hours, which allowed a series of comments and shares to be made.

Meanwhile, following the closing of the crown’s case, Masa chose not to testify on his behalf.

He will return to court on September 12, when the court will hand down a verdict in the matter.
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