9 Out Of 10 Vessels Destroyed

BVI Platinum News | September 27, 2017 8:21 am AST | 0 Comment
BVI Platinum News
September 27, 2017 8:21 am AST | 0 Comment
Photo Credit: Clifton Skelton/BVI Platinum News
Photo Credit: Clifton Skelton/BVI Platinum News
The impact of Hurricane Irma to the tourism sector has been widespread, destroying nine out of ten boats which sailed the BVI waters, according to Hon. Archibald Christian, Junior Minister of Tourism.

"We have reported damage to major hotels, small hotels, villas, and to our marina sector...throughout the Virgin Islands has been significantly impacted."

He added, "Preliminary figures show that 9 out of 10 homes and perhaps 9 out of 10 vessels that sail in the Virgin Islands from marinas have been destroyed in one manner."

However, Hon. Christian said that they are still awaiting confirmation on the numbers.

"I want to commend those persons in the marine sector and tourism sector as a whole for the resilience to try to build back the tourism sector so that we can continue to offer one of the best tourism products in the Caribbean and wider world," he indicated.

Last week, Premier Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith said that despite losses, charter companies are already working to ensure guests enjoy the sailing capital of the world, this coming tourism season.

"By the end of November, at least one property has made it clear that they will have 120 boats in the water. I have no doubt that others will do the same," he said.
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