VIP Has Moved On From Fraser; 3rd District Wide Open

Melissa Edwards, Senior Journalist | January 16, 2018 8:30 am AST | 0 Comment
Melissa Edwards, Senior Journalist
January 16, 2018 8:30 am AST | 0 Comment
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News
We do not know what the Virgin Islands Party’s (VIP) list of candidates will look like for the 2019 general elections, but one thing is for certain, former Chairman, Hon. Julian Fraser is not likely to be on that list.

BVI Platinum News contacted Chairman of VIP and Opposition Leader, Hon. Andrew Fahie, on whether the party made progress to iron out the differences with Hon. Fraser.

“We are looking for 12 candidates; it is as simple as that, because the Virgin Islands Party does not intend to run a party that will be fooling people about people’s relationship,” he told BVI Platinum News over the weekend.

When further pressed on whether this means that Hon. Fraser will not be on the ticket, Hon. Fahie said, “As of now, we are looking for 12 candidates. I am one and there are 13 elected representatives, and the VIP is looking for 12 candidates.”

Hon. Fraser is Representative for the Third District, and has been elected consecutively since 1999.

In November 2016, at the VIP Congress, 52 members voted for Hon. Fahie, who defeated the Chairman at the time, Hon. Fraser, who received 22 votes.

Ever since, Hon. Fraser’s absence at several activities and events directly linked to the party was noted.

We’ve Done All We Could

When asked if Hon. Fraser has made any indications about his position with the party, as it relates to the next general elections, which are constitutionally due in 2019, Hon. Fahie stated that at the end of the day, the VIP has done all it could have to address grievances.

“Well I don’t know what he can say, but I can say without fear of being contradicted that the VIP has done all that they could to rectify any grievances with anyone, whether they are elected or not.”

He said, “And if they didn’t come to the meetings and if they didn’t even stretch and meet us half way there, there is nothing that we can do about that. We just have to move on and the VIP has decided to move on.”

The First District Representative said that his conscience is clear.

“When I lost the chairmanship, I worked along and I tried to make the Virgin Islands Party run…It cannot be, ‘come follow me no matter what’; we have to discuss it first. So even if I am following, I have to do that respectfully,” he stated.

Hon. Fahie continued, “I am leading, but also have to listen to other views and when we are done, we move forward together. So, the VIP has done all it can.”

He stressed that the party does not want to get into war with anyone.

“But we are not going out to fool anyone and just have relationships of convenience to win an election. It has to be people who decided that they love their country and respect the party and leadership,” the VIP leader stressed.

Last month, BVI Platinum News sought a comment from Hon. Fraser about his relationship with the party, but he offered no comment.
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