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BVI Platinum News | April 03, 2018 8:26 am AST | 0 Comment
BVI Platinum News
April 03, 2018 8:26 am AST | 0 Comment
Photo Credit: Melissa Edwards/BVI Platinum News
Photo Credit: Melissa Edwards/BVI Platinum News
The payout of $7.2M to BVI Airways by the government was a scam from the onset, says Hon. Andrew Fahie, Opposition Leader.

He made the statement last week, as the National Democratic Party (NDP) administration is accused of having a lackluster approach in recouping the monies after the airline breached the agreement and has not commenced direct flights between Miami and BVI.

“I said that the plane will not fly; it is a scam…You know why I was on the plane, not that I want to be on the plane; certain things are constitutional breaches. And once you go into the public’s purse like that and it’s unaccounted for, that is a constitutional breach,” Hon. Fahie said.

He said despite his concerns and push for transparency on the matter, the government’s public relations on the matter was good.

“As a matter of fact, I was away when they sent me a picture of the five Ministers on the plane waving. I said the plane going and fly. As a matter of fact, one (Minister) even sent me to say you said the plane ain’t going to fly, but the plane here, we on it; eat that,” the First District Representative claimed.

He said that even his sister told him that the plane was on Beef Island airport tarmac.

“I came back to this House and I told the House that a cow is going to fly over the moon before that plane fly, and if the plane flies from the BVI to Miami, I Andrew Fahie will pay for everybody ticket,” he said.

He added, “The public relations was good you know. Even my sister told me, boy Fahie you look bad, the plane going to fly, it up Beef Island; dem boy on the plane. I said man you too?”

The Opposition Leader believes that had it been an ordinary resident, they would have already been placed in jail.

“$7M into a plane and it out there three years now, but you are putting a common man in jail for a bottle of water and three years now and we ain’t even see where the $7M gone. It ain’t $700,000 that you could tell them give us a little payment plan,” Hon. Fahie lamented.
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