Thousands Marching Against UK’s Decision

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May 24, 2018 5:06 pm AST

Residents have come together to March through the streets of Road Town today, March 24, to register their rejection over the move by the United Kingdom to impose public registers on the BVI.

Many see this move as unconstitional and will negatively impact the economy.

The march, which started at the Sunday Morning Well, will end at the Government House, where several speakers are scheduled to address the large crowd.
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The Unknown
The British Virgin Islands need the bill but seeing how corrupted our Government is I personally would have done the same thing that Britain has done and give the bill but have someone else take control of how the money should be spent. The march was inspiring with how the community took so much pride in their home; but the cause is not that useful to anyone.
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Jealousy and envy are the only sentiments I can think of when the ramifications of this bill is realized. That the Financial Services benefitted the descendants of slaves whose forefathers were left to fend for themselves on a bird sanctuary, gives all the reason why the industry must be destroyed. Stay strong, Virgin Islanders. Slow, but steady, always wins the battle!
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This was a very positive and uplifting movement. For once people of the BVI were united and showed national pride. This needs to continue (National Pride) with everyone that lives and works here. The BVI has been good to all of us and contributed to all of our lives at some point or the other. BVI STRONG I LOVR DE BVI!!!! BE VI FOREVER!!!
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United We Stand
Today was inspirational. Clear message communicated. We reject this bill from the UK as unconstitutional. It will not and must not stand. British Virgin Islanders, belongers and residents have spoken. We unanimously reject this bill.
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