Fahie Wants Immediate Constitutional Review

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May 25, 2018 12:05 pm AST
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Opposition Leader, Hon. Andrew Fahie has made the call for the BVI to seek immediate constitutional review with the United Kingdom (UK).

"Today is “D” day when we will let the world know that this march is not about what we as Virgin Islanders are against, but rather what we stand for. We stand for equal rights and justice. We stand to be respected. We stand for immediate Constitution review," he said while speaking at the bipartisan march held yesterday, May 24, against the UK's decision on public registers of beneficial ownership.

He said, "We stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand, in one heart and in one voice to say that we are against bullying of all sorts and at all levels, especially when it comes to constitutional bullying. Our Constitutional rights must be respected."

He said that the march is where they will begin the process of correcting all violations to the Constitution, whether they are infractions caused, locally, regionally or internationally.

"The process of correcting all infractions to our Constitution begins today. Today is “D” day when we say that we will not tolerate any constitutional overreach nor breach. Today we have been dictated to hence the decree to have our register public for beneficial ownership has been made," he stated.

Hon. Fahie continued, "Tomorrow there may be another overreach of our Constitution. Then the next day, another overreach. When will it stop? Well respectfully I say that today is “D” day when we say it stops today."

The Opposition Leader said that the move by the UK is aimed at destroying the BVI's economy.

Bishop John Cline, one of the organisers of the march, during his remarks called on political leaders to not be afraid of starting the conversation of independence.
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