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July 12, 2018 8:40 am AST
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There is no excuse for residents to be living with major water shortage and no solution by its government in sight, according to Hon. Julian Fraser, Third District Representative and Opposition Member.

“Nothing seems to change. All I get is promises, excuses and no one is seeing any relief in sight. I can't understand for the life of me in this modern society, any government could expect its citizens to live a decent life without water,” he lamented in the House of Assembly on July 10.

Hon. Fraser said that he is tired of pleading with government to address the issue, pointing out that the BVI has the production capacity, “but we have to be able to distribute the water. This has been going on for too long.”

The Opposition Member commented that he is not the only District Representative experiencing this crisis.

“I spoke to a member who lives in McNamara and he said he hasn't had water in five months, and it's 19 years he been here…Then I am looking at the Representative for the Second District, he doesn't have water; a lady from West End complaining to me she doesn't have water.”

“I thought it was just me. When you are talking about national security matters, this is one. Water is a basic necessity. You cannot have people come home from work and there is no water, waking up in the morning and there is no water,” he stressed.

Hon. Fraser said that it is negligence on the part of the government.

“I don't know how the Premier could get up and go China for days, weeks, chasing the dollar and not chasing water for his people here. I am sure the people who are benefiting from the trip to China have water…What about the poor people who are suffering here in the Territory?” he asked.

In response, Premier and Minister of Finance, Hon. Dr. D. Orlando Smith sympathized with residents and assured that government is working to address the issue.

“A lot of work need to be and is being done, and I do sympathize with all the districts, including the Third District which has not been able to get the water that they deserve.”

He continued, “And I do promise that we are working assiduously, and I will continue to work with the Minister (Hon. Mark Vanterpool) to make sure that this matter is resolved.”
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