Public Servants Working In Poor Conditions - Governor Bothered

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September 10, 2018 2:39 pm AST
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His Excellency Governor Augustus Jaspert is not pleased that one year after the passage of hurricane Irma, public servants are still working in conditions that are not optimal. He said that the situation needs to be rectified.

The Governor during his Irma anniversary speech lauded public servants for what he described as incredible service and dedication; and noted that following the destruction caused by both hurricanes many did not shy away from serving the Territory.

“I want to thank public officers, as you dealt with your own lives you also had to deal with rebuilding the Territory and I have seen incredible service and dedication,” Governor Jaspert said.

He said that the public servants worked endless shifts, slept on office floors, left their ruined homes to help people that needed help after the storms, and to get the British Virgin Islands back on its feet.

However, now that a year has passed the Governor admitted that things have not remarkably improved for the public servants. “I recognize their challenges, I recognize that many publics servants and others are still working in Temporary buildings, or those that have still not been fully repaired and are suffering difficult working conditions as you do your jobs. It’s a priority that these are addressed,” His Excellency said.

“Despite these challenges and for public servants what they had to deal with personally, and personally sacrifice they were able to restore key infrastructure and public services and continue to serve the public in all the ways that they do is admirable. Thank you to all public servants for your service,” he added.
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WE Man
The public service is over staffed, staffing levels should be cut in half, payroll savings could be used to help fund the renovation of existing buildings. Government properties were largely self insured, If the public service was subjected to the harsh realities that those of us in the private sector deal with, they would never be able fund themselves. If the BVI recovers at all it will be in spite of the public service.
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Because government have so many employees and can't see left from right or up from down. So much money lost they don't have money to maintain anything much less fix it after a hurricane.
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