$2.6M Raised Privately For BVI Recovery

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September 10, 2018 10:17 am AST
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From last year to now, over two million dollars was raised privately to assist in the rebuilding of the British Virgin Islands by Virgin Limited Edition and its partners.

The funds were raised through an initiative dubbed the BVI Community Support Appeal, which was launched last year following the passage of hurricane Irma. The initiative was launched by Virgin Unite, Unite BVI and Virgin Limited Edition to raise money for the long term reconstruction of the BVI and to fund, support and work with local partners on the ground.

Now that a year has passed, it has been reported that the Appeal “raised an impressive $2.6 million USD, which goes towards supporting the work of charitable projects and initiatives across the BVI.”

In an update on the fundraising initiative, Virgin Limited Edition stated, “The emphasis now is to assist the long-term reconstruction by supporting government’s vision of building a “stronger, smarter, greener and better BVI.”

At the time the Appeal was launched, it was explained that Unite BVI was going to spearhead the initiative. It was also stated that “Unite BVI will be working with the BVI Government and the local community across the whole of the BVI, listening to their needs in order to come up with a plan to support this long term reconstruction.”

The organization further announced that “Virgin Unite’s overheads are covered by Richard Branson and the Virgin Group, meaning that 100% of all donations received will go directly to helping support local BVI communities. If for any reason we cannot use the funds for this purpose, or there are surplus funds, we will use the money to support the other important work of Virgin Unite.”

Now one year later the organization proudly declared, “Looking back over the year a lot has happened, from the incredible relief efforts in the immediate aftermath to the long-term reconstruction of the BVI which is well underway.”
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