Investigation Into Plane Crash Continues

BVI Platinum News | September 11, 2018 1:07 pm AST | 0 Comment
BVI Platinum News
September 11, 2018 1:07 pm AST | 0 Comment
Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News

Photo Credit: BVI Platinum News
The cause and circumstances surrounding the fatal plane crash that took the life of the pilot back in July is still be investigated by Air Accident Investigation Branch (AAIB), which is the United Kingdom Government department associated with the probing of plane incidents.

The plane, which was destined for Pointe a Pitre International Airport (TFFR) in Guadeloupe, crashed into the waters off the east north east end of Runway 07 of the Terrance B. Lettsome International Airport on July 18 around 4:17pm. The pilot, who succumbed to his injuries, was the only person on board when the incident occurred.

In a statement issued the day after the incident, the Air Accident Investigation Branch announced that it would be looking into the matter. The organization said, “The AAIB is sending a team to investigate an accident involving a light aircraft in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.”

Almost two months in, the organization noted that the fatal incident is being looked into. “The investigation is underway and includes the drafting of the report prior to consultation,” AAIB noted.

The Air Accident Investigation Branch’s priority is to document and preserve evidence to try to understand the initial circumstances of the accident.

It was stated that the visiting team considered various aspects of the crash.

“They examine the physical evidence including both the aircraft and details such as ground marks and collecting fuel samples, and talk to witnesses while their recollection is still fresh.”

“During the site phase, our inspectors also gather information that might not be located at the accident scene, such as training records, flight plans, aircraft logs or maintenance records. Flight data recorders and cockpit voice recorders are recovered or, for light aircraft accidents, electronic devices such as smart phones, tablets and GPS units are taken as they may provide helpful clues to understand what happened and why,” AAIB added.

It was announced that a report on the matter can be expected in a short time.

“When we have analysed the evidence, drawn conclusions and are making safety recommendations, a draft report goes through several stages of internal review within the AAIB. We are then required to issue a confidential draft report to those States that have been involved in the investigation and also those whose reputation may be affected by our report. Under the UK regulations this consultation lasts for 28 days. Representations made by those consulted are given due consideration before the publication of the final report,” AAIB announced.

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