Two Years Later Lee Road Project Still Incomplete

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September 12, 2018 8:10 am AST
The road prior to the 2017 storms.
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Two years after Government signed a contract to reconstruct the Lee Road in Virgin Gorda, the project is still incomplete, and Minister for Communications and Works, Hon. Mark Vanterpool alluded to the fact that the completion delay is due to circumstances beyond Government and the contractor’s control.

In September 2016, Government signed an eight-month project for the main road on Virgin Gorda, which is referred to as the Lee Road. The contract was signed between Government and Anselmo Stevens of Creative Builders.

The scope of works entailed the complete overhaul of the Lee Road, which is a stretch of road that is heavily traversed on that sister island.

At the time of the contract signing, Minister Vanterpool assured that the work would have ended by summer 2017.

In providing an update on the project, the Minister said, “The drainage solution and road rehabilitation is 90 percent complete as per the contract. However, the project has been put on hold until we resolve some land issues in extending the project a bit. Until these are resolved, we’ve put the project on hold. Hopefully soon we can complete it,” Hon. Vanterpool announced at a contract signing last week.

The $1.6 million contract for the complete rehabilitation of a portion of the road spanning from Steven’s Gas Station to the Catholic Community Centre is hoped to remedy the flooding situation that plagues the road, as well as add needed sidewalks.
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