“We Cannot Allow The Assault Of Our Teachers”

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October 08, 2018 3:35 pm AST
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Crown Counsel Herbert Potter today, October 8, insisted on the penalising of an elderly woman who assaulted a teacher, insisting, “We cannot allow the assault of our teachers.”

He was at the time prosecuting a case involving an elderly, Laura Vanterpool, a woman who assaulted one of the teachers at her grandchild’s school.

Back in 2016, the accused went to the Claudia Creque Educational Centre where the teacher—Candia McFarlane—was in a meeting in the Principal’s office.

Vanterpool reportedly began banging on the door, and when Ms McFarlane opened the door, the accused barged in, pushing her out of the way.

After regaining her composure, the teacher allegedly attempted to take a seat when Vanterpool pulled the chair from under her, almost causing her to fall.

The accused opted to plead guilty to these accusations, but her Attorney, Stephen Daniels pleaded for leniency—telling the court that his client is remorseful.

“In her over-zealousness, that is how the matter occurred,” he told Magistrate Giselle Jackman-Lumy, requesting that she be reprimanded and the case dismissed. He also made this request on the grounds that the Virtual Complainant did not suffer any material injuries.

However, the Crown Counsel opposed this request, saying that the VC endured “suffering” as “she was in tears.”

“We are speaking about a teacher guiding the youth,” he stated, adding that as an elderly person, the accused “should have known better.”

“We cannot allow our citizens to assault our teachers,” he stated, making a request for compensation.

The accused offered $300, which was refused.

The matter will return to court on October 17 for a decision.
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Educator Stt/Stj
wow, that's the children behave the way they do. I am sorry that student was not coming back in my classroom. i will not lived in fear, for correcting a student.
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I agree with the Magistrate! This woman should have the 'book' thrown at her. Set of disrespect that children see and copy. If the woman had sense she would have made peace with the teacher and the school long before now. It is not until they are dragged before a magistrate and understand what they have done that they truly become remorseful. Unacceptable behavior!
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What the nonsense I reading here? That granny need to first apologize to that teacher and the Judge has all rights in her powers to set a precedent for all other situation like this to follow. These are the kind of behavior our children are developing from adults who should know and do better. We wonder why society is the way it is - children gone wild. Why- No example shown.
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Make her pay.. They are quick to believe and defend their rude azssxz children..
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How can we expect our kids to respect the teachers, if a grown up "elderly lady" behave like this. Mme Magistrate, PLEASE set an example and make her pay for her actions. She had no right to burst into a room that was off limit to her
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A grandmother who should know better. Whatever the issue is or was, this could have been handled in a professional and mature manner. Now she's paying a lawyer to be in court pleading on her behalf for leniency. All this could have been avoided if she only took a minute to calm down. On another note this nonsense needs to stop. For far to long many parents and family members of children attending school throughout the territory think they could just show up and launch attacks on teachers, principals and in some case other students. For far to long they have been sliding by/getting away with it. It is time for this nonsense to stop. Glad to see thing is being done about it. Hope this is a wake up call to others.
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Deal with her in the appropriate Manner. If this is the example she setting for the young people, then make a perfect example out of her.
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