Bar Fight Lands Man In Court

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October 08, 2018 3:23 pm AST
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A bar fight between a Construction Manager and his ex-girlfriend’s new partner landed the man in court for assault.

Devin Fletcher, who has been working in the BVI for almost five years, today, October 8 pleaded guilty to the charge which read that on May 28, 2017, in The Valley, Virgin Gorda, he assaulted Dwayne Richardson.

The court was told that the accused is the ex-boyfriend of the Virtual Complainant’s girlfriend, and the incident occurred at the Dockside Restaurant and Bar.

On the evening in question, Richardson went to the location, where he saw the accused imbibing. On taking notice of Richardson, Fletcher started to call out to him, asking him to approach him, but the complainant ignored him.

Fletcher then reportedly “stood up in the VC’s face,” telling him, “I hear you talking s*** about me in the streets, why don’t you tell it to my face?”

After an exchange of words, the VC walked away; however, the accused followed him and almost pushed him over the rails and into surrounding waters. Other patrons had to separate the two.

In representing himself and making mitigation, Fletcher told the court that it is the first time that he has landed himself in such a predicament, saying, “I let my emotions get the best of me that night; it is not something I am proud of.”

It was explained that he knew the VC for 15 years and after that incident, they maintained a civil relation—even helping each other out during the passage of Hurricane Irma.

Richardson also requested that the accused “not be penalized seriously,” as it was the proverbial “water under the bridge.”

The Crown Counsel however requested that there be some sort of “token compensation” and penalty to send a public message.

After much deliberation, the Magistrate sentenced Fletcher to a $450 fine, with a default 30 days imprisonment.
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