Manhattan Claims Liberty Trophy

BVI Platinum News | February 06, 2019 7:57 am AST | 1 Comment
BVI Platinum News
February 06, 2019 7:57 am AST | 1 Comment
Photo Credit: Provided

(Photo Credit: Provided)

The 2019 Manhattan Yacht Club (MYC) Challenge was held on Saturday, 2 February, where racers from the Royal BVI Yacht Club and the (Loyal) West End Yacht Club were ferried out to Great Harbour to join friends from the MYC.


According to the Royal British Virgin Islands Yacht Club, each team ready to duke it out for this year's honours were assigned a Leopard 4800 Catamaran and a Monohull.

The race began at the entrance to Great Harbour, between the committee boat, Wild Fire, and the point at Great Harbour.

The course took the racing boats up to Dead Chest, leaving it to port, then over to the Hog Valley Green mark, and finally down to the finish between the Lark Bank Harbour green mark and the committee boat, Wild Fire.

First across the start line was Eddie Brockbank, with his crew of Iain, April, Lincoln and Grace Tucker on a 4800 catamaran. He was very quickly over hauled by the WEYC crew of Henry, Ted, Gilbo, Hugh and Max, also on a 4800 catamaran.

Henry and the MYC catamaran quickly showed their experience, and it was Henry who ended up taking line honours for the WEYC. He was closely followed by the MYC catamaran in second and then the MYC monohull in third.


Coming in fourth was the RBVIYC monohull, crewed by Joss and Jim. Fifth was secured by Eddie and his crew, and rounding out the standings were the WEYC team of Denise, Eric and Dave, who showed surprising upwind speed, but couldn’t convert that to a podium finish.

The overall result is determined by combining scores for each team, so the Manhattan Yacht Club claimed their first Challenge win since the inception of the race back in 2002. The West End Yacht Club finished second with seven points, followed by the Royals with nine.

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