Contract Signed For Road Rehabilitation At Hodge’s Creek

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(PLTM) - The Government of the Virgin Islands has signed a contract for the rehabilitation of the roadway from Hodges Creek Marina to Paraquita Bay at the Cutlass Tower.

The contract in the amount of Two million, three hundred and eighty six thousand, fifteen dollars and ninety-nine cents ($2,386,015.99) was awarded to Northam Construction Ltd and is expected to be completed in a six (6) month timeline.

Premier and Minister of Finance Honourable Dr. Natalio Wheatley stated that his Government is committed to solving the age old challenges that the Territory has in relation to road infrastructure.

The Premier said the Minister of Communications and Works has a comprehensive plan for routes throughout the Territory and is waiting on the financing to be able to execute those plans.

Premier Wheatley said, “As the budget speech is coming up, you will hear more about our plans to borrow so that we can provide the public with the roads that they deserve. Considering that I am not only the Premier and Minister for Finance, but the Representative for the Seventh District, I am doubly pleased that the people of this district who have had to cope with dilapidated roads and potholes will soon see some level of relief, and I have great confidence that Northam Construction Ltd will be able to deliver the type of quality of roads that our people deserve."

Minister for Communication and Works Honourable Kye Rymer gave a synopsis of the works to be completed from Hodge’s Creek Marina to Paraquita Bay and noted that going forward, roads will be rehabilitated and maintained to a higher standard than they were done in the past.

Honourable Rymer said, “The road infrastructure of the Territory requires our urgent attention and as a Government, we understand the impact that the road network has, not only in providing a smooth road for the enjoyment of motorists, but more important providing a safe passage in the prevention of accidents and safeguarding motorists and pedestrians alike.”

The minister said there is the need for a comprehensive road rehabilitation programme that not only reconstructs our roadways, but includes and incorporates all the utilities such as Water and Sewerage Department, BVI Electricity Corporation and the Territory’s telecommunication companies.

Honourable Rymer added, “As a result, any major roadway development to be undertaken will incorporate the plans of the various utility companies to ensure that digging up after the roads are rehabilitated would be minimised.”

Managing Director of Northam Construction Ltd Mr. Lordon Hamlet thanked the Government of the Virgin Islands for choosing his company to complete the road rehabilitation works.

Mr. Hamlet said, “Firstly I want to thank God for giving us the health, strength and desire to undertake these ventures. I want to thank the Government of the Virgin Islands for the opportunity, and I want to thank my project team for holding it down and delivering this. I also want to say that we are eager and ready to start this project and deliver on time and in budget.”

The full video of the contract signing can be viewed on the Government’s Facebook page at BVIGovernment.

The Ministry of Communications and Works continues to ensure the continued development and maintenance of public infrastructure in keeping with international standards so that public utilities are reliable and affordable in support of an enhanced community life for every resident and visitor in the Virgin Islands.

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